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Maximise your creativity and productivity with Hot Wire Foam Factory easy to use foam cutting tools and materials

Our professional quality foam cutting tools make cutting EPS foam (polystyrene foam and Styrofoam) fast, fun and easy. We supply hot wire foam sculpting tools, Crafter’s Hot Knives, Pro Hot Knives, and an Industrial Hot Knife. Our Freehand Router has a shapeable foam cutting hot wire. The foam Engraving tool is perfect for detailing your foam sculpture. You can quickly cut down your big blocks of foam with our 2-4 foot adjustable hot wire Bow Cutter. We offer versatile Foam Cutting Tables. Our spray foam glues are the best on the market. Protect and beautify your foam projects with our versatile foam coatings.

Lightweight, Earth Friendly, Durable, Cost Efficient Foam.  Perfect for Projects like...

Foam Art: Create foam sculptures and art pieces. Use our Foam coatings for weather proofing, hardened shells to paint on, or artistic texture. Wonderful base for mosaics, casting and moulds.

Foam Props and Backdrops: Our tools are perfect for creating foam based video, theatre, and still photography backgrounds, theme park props, church or school play props and backdrops and more.

Foam Modelling: Use our precision foam sculpting tools to create miniature railroad settings, Department 56 Village displays, foam gaming terrain, remote control modelling projects and more!

Holiday Foam Decorations: Great for low cost holiday decoration projects, make a creepy Halloween display, cheery Christmas decor, Easter decorations, whatever you want to celebrate!

Signs and Displays: Create inexpensive professional quality signs and displays with foam and our sculpting tools for your store front, commercial building, or trade show.

Foam Craft Projects and Home Décor: Foam is a perfect material for home and garden DIY projects, School projects, and foam crafts for kids or adults. Create aquarium backdrops, terrarium hides, party and special events decorations.

Industrial and Commercial Foam Projects: Large scale projects, to create EPS insulation, storage, concrete moulds and forms and architectural elements such as economical crown moulds, rock walls, fountains and more.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 54 products
Showing 1 - 24 of 54 products